Is IBIZA still living it up?  

Is IBIZA still living it up

Is Ibiza still living it up?

Well, musically, I say yes no question about it.
Ibiza is an inspiring place and a lot of stuff is always going on here.

As far as the nightlife, well, itís hard to be a trend-setter when you have to be commercial at the same time; when what you do has become explicitly profit-driven.
Itís hard to be innovative when everything is strictly regulated; you canít really try new things, having to then spend money on massive fines which cut deep into creative budgets.
And then there is the Ďcrisisí. Parties are/remain the same and canít reinvent themselves - or worse: they see their budgets cut and offer even less than previous years!

This much said, the ambience in most clubs, from a clubbing viewpoint (as opposed to what goes on in the minds of those backstage), remain magic!
The immense crowds, the music/beat, lighting, dancers, shows, effects, performances, DJs..

Itís refreshing, relaxing: I see hope! For Ibiza, and for the nightlife at large.
Sometimes I go clubbing, only in Ibiza, just to be a fly on the wall and soak it all in; let the creative juices flow, hiding in the coulisses or on the balconies.

But I do the math as well: yes the dance floor is busy and no or limited lists were free.
But I can count those with drinks in their hands, usually they are few.
I see the tables in the VIPs - except during peak season - lacking the bottle sales wished for.

Ibiza is getting progressively more expensive, is it worth it?
Can people cope with it?
And whatís with increasing prices in a crisis?
Weíre talking flights, hotels, apartments and car rentals. To name a few things.

How about the islandís drug-infested reputation?
That makes many a good client steer clear of Ibiza.

As far as drugs, well, thatís not a topic on which Iím an expert.
Itís not my thing, and I donít really see the need for it all. It seems to create nothing but problems and dilemmas, such as where to find it, hide it, take it, and how to fund it.
Not to mention the obvious physical tell-tale signs which makes it easy for even complete strangers to classify you according to your party-favor habits. Itís not a pretty sight.

Maybe Iím getting older, wiser and out of touch, but it seems like the youngsters are doing so much of it all that they are losing out on the essential experience, which is really a shame.
All they know is what the drugs, not Ibiza, do for them; a psychedelic short-cut in a way.

But like everything else, the long hard way tend to be more rewarding: the essence of the night.
Itís an animal like nothing else.
Forget everything youíve ever known, and allow yourself to be carried away.
Relax, open your mind and spirit, and take it all in: the music, the beat, what it physically does to you without drug-induced modifications, the crowd, the eye-candy such as lighting, shows, dancers and projections.
It might take some practice, but sooner or later you will start feeling the magic of the night without needing something to help you along the way.


Itís a beast, the nightlife; it just needs to be properly awoken, and that comes from within.
If you feel like you still need drugs just to enjoy, well, thatís probably because something else is eating away at you. Something you need to resolve as quickly as possible.
Hiding behind drugs in the heat of the night where everything goes will not solve your problems.
It will just put a lid on it all and once you take that lid off it might have all multiplied beyond salvation. Then you might need to permanently alter your existence with drugs just to be able to make it through the day.
As Frank Sinatra once put it, ďIím for whatever gets you through the night.Ē
Unfortunately a lot of people do live like that.
Sinatra spoke for the peeps on his schedule, the other nine to five, but there are day-time people like that as well.
Thatís an unnecessary, complicated, alternative existence to create for yourself.
Especially if you slip into it when you are young and fresh and your life is a clean slate; I know many pot-heads from my teens who are now crack-heads a decade later.
Life is complicated enough as it is, why add on to it?

As far as Ibiza is concerned, you canít really go home and pretend to have an opinion about it, if all you have to describe is how popping that pill made you feel at Space or Pacha, this pill made you feel at Amnesia or Privilege, that powder made you feel on the beach, and smoking that crap made you experience the sunset.

Get your shit together, and see you next year!

To be continued,

Jennifer Eric

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